Napa vs. Sonoma on The Today Show

If you’re craving a Napa Valley wine experience but aren’t able to escape to Napa itself, you can take this idea and shape it to best fit what you’re craving.

Food & Wine magazine’s Executive Wine Editor, Ray Isle, visited Kathie Lee and Hoda on The Today Show. Although Kathie Lee was absent on this day, Hoda’s guest gladly accepted the challenge presented by Ray Isle – to taste wines from Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley and decide which wines they liked best.

The challenge featured wines from Sonoma Valley’s Schug Winery, Napa Valley’s Robert Mondavi Winery, Sonoma Valley’s La Crema, Napa Valley’s I’M Wines, Sonoma Valley’s MacMurray Ranch, and Napa Valley’s Beringer Vineyards.

A fun, good-natured challenge like this can bring wine-loving friends together to enjoy Napa Valley wines in the comfort of your own home. In addition to wine you could add appetizers, cheeses, or host a dinner party. However, nothing beats a visit to Napa Valley itself to truly experience the winemakers, the land, and the world-class wines both create.

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